MPs debate changes to organ donations law

Image copyright NHS BLOOD AND TRANSPLANT Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged MPs to change the laws on organ donation in England to help “save an awful lot of people’s lives”. MPs are debating changing the rules on consent so people would expressly have to “opt out” if they did not want their organs used after their death. At the moment, organs can only be used if explicit approval is

Are sick migrants avoiding NHS doctors over deportation fears?

The NHS has agreed to look into concerns about doctors having to pass names and addresses of suspected illegal immigrants to the Home Office. It has launched a consultation on the policy after pressure from MPs but will not immediately ban it as some want. Health bosses have been accused of ignoring evidence migrants are being deterred from seeking medical help for fear of deportation. England’s main health watchdog said

Sipping acidic fruit teas can wear away teeth, says study

Image copyright Getty Images Sipping acidic drinks such as fruit teas and flavoured water can wear away teeth and damage the enamel, an investigation by scientists has shown. The King’s College London team found that drinking them between meals and savouring them for too long increased the risk of tooth erosion from acid. The research, in the British Dental Journal, looked at the diets of 300 people with severe erosive

Drug errors cause appalling harm and deaths, says Hunt

Image copyright Getty Images Drug errors cause appalling levels of harm and deaths, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says, as new data suggests millions of mistakes are being made. GPs, pharmacists, hospitals and care homes may be making 237 million errors a year – the equivalent of a mistake made for every five drugs handed out. The study said most caused no problems, but in more than a quarter of cases

Mini-tumours’ created to battle cancer

Image copyright ICR Image caption The mini-tumours can be used to predict if a patient will respond to therapy Scientists have been able to predict how cancer patients will respond to therapy by growing miniature versions of their tumours in the laboratory. They say the groundbreaking work could lead to “smarter, kinder and more effective treatments”. The study, in the journal Science, was 100% accurate at telling which drugs would

Warning over fake piercing magnet craze

Image copyright Cascadenews Image caption The powerful attraction between the magnets were ripping through Freddie Webster’s stomach Two children needed life-saving surgery after accidentally swallowing powerful magnetic balls which are being used to mimic body piercings in a new craze. One of the youngsters, Freddie Webster, 12, had to have part of his bowel removed as the tiny balls were ripping a hole in the wall of his stomach. A

On anti-depressants

Image copyright Getty Images As scientists release a study showing that anti-depressants work, some users of the medication share their experiences on how it has affected their lives. Authors of a report published in the Lancet, found 21 common anti-depressants were all more effective at reducing symptoms of acute depression than dummy pills. Agomelatine, Amitriptyline, Escitalopram, Mirtazapine and Paroxetine are thought to be among the most effective forms of the

Consultants criticise ‘catastrophic’ rise in 12-hour A&E waits

Image caption Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, where January was typically pressured Emergency consultants say the rise in patients waiting more than 12 hours to be seen at A&E is “catastrophic” and “unacceptable and shocking”. There were 5,111 patients with the longest waits in January – 36% more than in the same month in 2017. The number of patients attending hospital emergency departments in Wales was also the highest for

Share your NHS stories and memories with the BBC

Image copyright Getty Images It is 70 years since the birth of the NHS, and we want to hear your stories and memories of the NHS past and present. Advances in medicine and technology have changed the face of National Health Service from its early beginnings. Prescription charges of one shilling started in 1952, MRI scans were introduced in the 1980s and the first NHS trusts were established in 1991.

India doctors remove world’s ‘largest brain tumour’

Image caption Mr Pal lost his vision because of the tumour Doctors in India who have removed a 1.8kg (2.2lbs) brain tumour from a 31-year-old man say it could be the largest in the world. The surgery, which lasted seven hours, took place on 14 February at the Nair hospital in the western city of Mumbai. But the procedure was not made public as doctors weren’t sure until now if