Code-cracking WW2 Bombe operation recreated at Bletchley

Image copyright AFP Image caption The Enigma machine scrambled messages to make them much harder to decipher Computer historians have staged a re-enactment of World War Two code-cracking at Bletchley Park. A replica code-breaking computer called a Bombe was used to decipher a message scrambled by an Enigma machine. Held


Bodyguard: The critics’ verdicts on BBC show’s finale

Hit BBC drama Bodyguard kept millions of viewers on tenterhooks as the series drew to a close on Sunday evening. Without giving anything away, it’s fair to say it served up a helping of shock and suspense. Star Richard Madden – who played the show’s ex-soldier-turned-protection-officer – David Budd retweeted a thank you from the BBC to everyone who was watching the “epic finale”. The show’s director John Strickland had whipped up fans ahead of the broadcast by tweeting lyrics