Climate change could make turbulence worse

There is a growing amount of research that shows that as the planet warms from climate change, the second half of this century will see an increase in turbulence, especially along the heavily-traveled transatlantic routes in the Northern Hemisphere (like routes between Europe and North America). “Climate change is strengthening the north-south temperature difference that drives the jet stream,” according to Dr. Paul Williams of the University of Reading in

Lantau: Exploring Hong Kong’s greenest island

Wild cows and water buffalo wander the streets, stopping to admire the views and soak up a ray of sun. Yes, this is Hong Kong. But not the ultra-modern skyline and crowded streets travelers are used to. Most tourists planning a trip to Lantau are headed to see the massive 112-foot-tall Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, and Hong Kong Disneyland. But, at nearly double the size

In the Philippines, a volcano within a lake within an island

Just 55 kilometers south of Manila, Taal Volcano has erupted 30 times since the 16th century, accounting for the deaths of more than 5,000 people. Yet it’s scaled daily by dozens of groups of laid-back tourists. Perhaps they’re calmed by Taal’s reputation as the smallest active volcano in the world — it’s just 311 meters tall — a title that hints at peril yet makes Taal sound relatively unintimidating. Or

Ballooning over Malaysia’s most architecturally stunning city

Kuala Lumpur nightlife: A guide to the city’s best bars Ronan O’Connell is a freelance photojournalist. He’s contributed to more than 40 international media outlets including BBC, CNN, The Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, Travel + Leisure, Toronto Star, South China Morning Post, Irish Examiner and Australian Financial Review.

10 of the world’s most luxurious desert hotels

Photos: Abu Dhabi’s hottest hotel: Qasr Al Sarab vs. the desert Abu Dhabi’s Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort: Perched on the edge of the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest uninterrupted sand desert, the Qasr Al Sarab Resort offers guests the chance to explore one of the world’s great wildernesses. Photos: Abu Dhabi’s hottest hotel: Qasr Al Sarab vs. the desert Fortress in the desert: The resort, modeled after an Arabian

Cannes’ top concierges share their best festival stories

Photos: Life on the Croisette Les Clefs d’Or: Maxime Nerkowski, head concierge at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes, pictured in the hotel’s Grand Salon. It was in this room that an agreement was signed between nine European nations to expand Les Clefs d’Or, France’s elite body of concierges, into an international entity. Photos: Life on the Croisette Les Clefs d’Or Europe: Les Clefs d’Or began in Paris, 1929 and was founded

Meet the Philippine tarsier: World’s second-smallest primate

Photos: The life of tarsiers Tiny tarsiers: The tarsier is the world’s second-smallest primate — about the size of an adult palm. They are a protected species in the Philippines with just 5,000-10,000 left in the wild. Photos: The life of tarsiers Forest sanctuary: Tarsier hunter-turned-conservationist Carlito Pizarras inspects one of his tiny wards at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation in Corella, on Bohol Island in the Philippines. Photos: The life

Ultra long-haul: On board the world’s longest flight

The world’s longest airline routes How real is the hypersonic aircraft revolution? Miquel Ros is an aviation blogger and consultant with a passion for all things travel. An economist by background, he’s worked for for the likes of Bloomberg and Flightglobal and currently covers the airline industry through As an independent consultant he advises companies in the travel and technology space.

The world’s most unusual wineries

Photos: Photos MauiWine, Hawaii: Hawaii’s MauiWine isn’t your typical winery experience. For starters, it’s located 2,000 feet above sea level on the slopes of the the Haleakalā volcano. Photos: Photos Former prison: Throw in a tasting room inside a former prison — built in the 1850s to hold inmates awaiting transportation to the larger county jail — and you’ve got a wine-tasting experience unlike any other. Photos: Photos Tank Garage

Luxury dive resorts: 10 of the world’s best

From Chile to Australia to St. Lucia, the world’s most exclusive scuba hideaways serve fewer than 100 select guests. Some cater to a maximum of just 20 diving VIPs. Others tempt groups to reserve their whole private island. I mean, why share paradise when you can have all that pampering for yourself and your friends? Without exception, these premium dive lodges offer the royal treatment for even the most spoiled